Welcome to the Novozymes brand guide

Our brand makes us recognizable to our customers, partners, even to ourselves. This guide outlines all basic principles of our visual identity and provides a set of standards to which we all must adhere. Should you have questions relating to tone of voice, templates and other guidelines, or need further assistance please email brandmanagement.

Image style

Our new image style is unstaged and dynamic. From panoramic shots of nature and cities to close-ups of consumers, our customers and our employees, the images reflect our global presence and the reach of our biological solutions.


Primary logo

Our primary logo consists of our logotype, the ® mark and our clover. Its color should be Novozymes purple or white, depending on the background color. In exceptional cases a black logo is also allowed. Layouts featuring the primary logo should also feature the tagline, except in certain layouts which do not allow space for this. Download the full logo package below, or see pdf for examples of the logo in use.



Our tagline, Rethink Tomorrow, should always be used in layouts featuring the primary logo. The customized tagline is available in a separate design file. Please always use this design file where the tagline accompanies the logo rather than developing the tagline in the Novozymes font. See pdf for examples of the tagline in use.


Secondary logo

Our secondary logo is developed for layouts where there is insufficient space to place the tagline separately from the logo. It consists of our logotype, the ® mark, our clover and our tagline. Its color should be Novozymes purple or white, depending on the background color. In exceptional cases a black logo is also allowed. See pdf for examples of the secondary logo in use.


Industry brand descriptors

When working with key industry sectors, Novozymes uses industry brand descriptors. Along with our logotype, the ® mark and our clover, these descriptors consist of the industry sector name. The same usage guidelines apply to descriptors as to the primary logo. See pdf for examples of the descriptors in use. The descriptors are available to download in the logo package.


Placement of logo
and tagline

For most printed media, the logo should be placed in the lower right corner and the tagline in the lower left corner. However, there are a number of formats or media that require a different arrangement of logo and tagline. See pdf for examples.



Our palette consists of three primary colors, 12 secondary colors and a customized grayscale. Gold is also included, but as an accent color to be used sparingly on printed materials as foil only. A limited range of colors should be used at any one time. See examples throughout this guide. Download ASE files of all colors in CMYK, Pantone and RGB below or see PDF for color codes.


Primary colors

Our primary colors are Novozymes green, Novozymes purple and white. Examples of Novozymes green in use include the small plane at the top level of materials, as a background color and as highlights in text and illustrations. Novozymes purple is used in our logo, as a background color, and is also our primary color for body text. White is used both as a background and text color and is incorporated widely to support an uncluttered design. Our primary colors are also used for headlines in top-level content.



Our customized grayscale consists of five set tones. The grayscale is used for text and backgrounds as well as for planes and illustrations.

Secondary colors

Secondary colors

Our 12 secondary colors supplement our primary colors and are used for headlines in second-level content, data visualizations in graphs, charts, etc.



Gold is an accent color that is only applied with foil. It is not possible to use gold on digital media, nor is there a PMS or CMYK gold available. Examples of the use of gold as an accent color include headlines, supergraphics and edging.

Novozymes font

Novozymes font

The Novozymes customized font is a key element of our visual identity. The font is not available in the Microsoft Office suite. Where it is not possible to use the Novozymes font, please choose our secondary font Arial. Please contact us to obtain the Novozymes font files.


Microsoft Office font

Accompanying our Novozymes font is the office font, Arial. Arial is used in Microsoft Office documents.


Using green for text

Novozymes green can be used as a text color in headlines, subheadlines callouts etc. Should you choose to use it for body copy, please make sure that the text is large/bold enough to ensure visibility.


The Novozymes font is available in three weights: Thin, regular and bold. Body text is set in regular. Text can be either center-, right- or left-aligned. As centered text can be difficult to read in multiple paragraphs, please use sparingly. To put focus on a particular word or words in a headline, it’s possible to right align these words in a left aligned headline and vice versa.



Planes are a central element of our visual identity. They must always be rendered in pairs consisting of one small and one large. The large plane always acts as a placeholder for text on top of images. The small plane acts as an anchor to the large one, and should not contain any content. See pdf for details.

Planes in use

Planes in use

Planes should only be used at the top level of materials. Where these top level materials contain an image, it should always be accompanied by a plane. Examples of such use include the front cover of publications and the landing pages of websites. Use either Novozymes purple or white text in the large plane. The planes should never be used on solid colored backgrounds.

Configuration of planes

The small plane is always the same size on a given format. Details of these format sizes are given in the pdf under “Planes”. The shape of the large plane is a mirror of the small plane. The small plane is left aligned at the top or bottom of the large plane. The large plane is a minimum of 500% larger than the small plane. To increase the size of the large plane, scale it up in relation to the small plane, moving either downwards and to the right when the small plane is at the top of the large plane, or upwards and to the right when the small plane is at the bottom.

Planes colors

Colors of planes

The small plane is always Novozymes green and the large plane is always white with opacity, except on extremely light backgrounds, where it is gray with opacity.



The superplane is a version of the planes in which the large plane is magnified beyond 500% so that its bottom and right hand edges bleed off the margins. The small plane is always anchored at the top left of the large plane. As it allows more space than the standard plane, it can be used to create headlines with graphic impact. It can also be used in text-heavy one-page materials, as it allows for a very clear Novozymes identity, while maximizing space for text. See pdf for examples of the superplane in use.

Superplane in use

Superplane in use

The superplane can be used on both the top level of materials (front covers of print materials, landing pages of websites etc). It should always be paired with the small, green plane.

Colors of superplane

The superplane is white with opacity when placed on images, except on extremely light backgrounds, where it is gray with opacity. Where the superplane is acting as placeholder for a large volume of content, it can be used in solid white on a gray background.



The Bioscript is a graphical element that adds visual interest to layouts. It is a custom-made font exclusively owned by Novozymes and its shape originates in our logo. The bioscript always appears in association with text set in the Novozymes font. One key word from a sentence is chosen and set in the Bioscript font. The Bioscript should be used sparingly. The font is not available in the Microsoft Office suite. Please contact us to obtain the Bioscript font files.


Bioscript in use

The bioscript always appears in association with text set in the Novozymes font. One key word from a sentence is chosen and set in the Bioscript font. The Bioscript can only be set in the primary colors with and without opacity spanning 0% – 100%. When using the Bioscript, ensure the legibility of the Novozymes font at all times, and avoid using the Bioscript in a way that makes the layout look cluttered.



The supergraphic is a key element of our visual identity. It can be used to create instant recognition of our brand in situations where other elements of our identity are inappropriate for use. See pdf for examples of the supergraphic in use.

The supergraphic in use

Supergraphic in use

It should only be used for second-level content, with the exception of certain digital and social media (app icons, favicons for example) where there is insufficient space to use our primary or secondary logos. It is placed in the top right corner of a layout in a fixed, cropped format. It should never appear alongside the pair of planes. See pdf for examples of the supergraphic in use.

Colors of supergraphic

The supergraphic is either white with opacity on green, purple, gray or image backgrounds or gray with opacity on white backgrounds.

Impact marker

The impact marker is used on photos to describe Novozymes impact in the setting or situation depicted in the image. It consists of text and defined graphical elements. The impact marker should only appear in second-level content. Please see pdf for details on the relative proportions of the impact marker elements.

Configuration of Impact marker

The impact marker consists of a clover, a vertical line ending in a circle, a bold headline of maximum one line and regular text of maximum three lines. These elements may not be used independently of one another. There are four configurations of the impact marker. Please choose the configuration most suited to your image.


The publication concept describes the basic principles behind the design and layout of Novozymes publications. It offers descriptions, templates and inspirational layouts.

Formats, grids & templates

Novozymes publications are always vertical A-standard formats. For professionally printed publications we recommend that you choose the bespoke format, which is slightly smaller than A4. In the PDF below you will find descriptions of grids for each format. You can also download InDesign templates for bespoke and A4 publications.

Front covers

At a corporate level, front covers should always contain an image and planes or the superplane. Front covers at other levels can contain graphical layouts without planes. Filter for “Design elements” to learn more about planes.

Back covers

The back covers of Novozymes publications have a standard layout. This layout does not apply to the back of one-pagers. The back cover layout is available in three colors. Choose the one that suits the front cover of the publication. The back cover template is also available under ”Formats, grids and templates”.


Examples of different spreads.


Example of Novozymes ad.


Examples of Novozymes posters.


Examples of Novozymes rollup banners.


Publication sketches

Please find a range of sketches for your inspiration.


positioning text

The Novozymes corporate positioning text should be used in written communications from Novozymes, online as well as offline. Please contact us for further guidance.



The Novozymes illustration style is based on the expression of the Novozymes font – round, natural and friendly. This makes the line slightly naive; however the illustrations are to-the-point and more technical than abstract in their appearance to ensure a friendly yet professional look.

Simple illustrations

Simple illustrations are drawn in one stroke to ensure character and impact. Their simplicity makes simple illustrations highly recognizable and very memorable, so avoid overcomplicating them with too much detail. The goal is to make it possible for simple illustrations to convey a clear message without the need for text. Simple illustrations are typically used in mobile interfaces.

Detailed illustrations

Detailed illustrations are drawn using two stroke widths in order to create dynamic while ensuring a detailed and light expression. Detailed illustrations can be used as separate elements to support communication or can be part of more complex infographics.


Infographics are visual representations of information, developed to make complex information quickly and easily understood. Typography, flow diagrams, numbering systems and other elements should be used to make the infographic appealing, easy to understand, and easy to remember.



The infographics can have outlines in purple, grayscale or white and filling in green or white in any combination. White or green circles and filling can be used to highlight key elements. Colored background can be purple, green or a tone in the grayscale. As stand-alone elements, illustrations can be developed in any combination of Novozymes primary colors, depending on the publication context.


The stroke size is determined by the illustration size. For simple illustrations on A4, a 2 pt stroke width is recommended. For detailed illustrations on A4 format, 2pt and 1pt strokes are commended. See PDF for details.


Illustrations work files

A variety of illustrations have been developed as examples. Please find illustrator files for download below.


Paper quality

Arctic Volume White is the preferred paper choice for printed materials. Arctic Gloss is preferred where coated paper is required.

Spatial branding

Please bear with us as we decide how best to apply the visual identity refresh to our buildings and offices. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact us.


We are currently developing guidelines for digital. In the meantime, please contact us for guidance.

Powerpoint template

When creating a presentation for Novozymes, please always use the corporate template.



Should you have questions relating to tone of voice, templates and other guidelines, or need further assistance, please contact us.


From nature to city

We show both natural landscapes and cityscapes, because we create value in both environments; nature is the source of our innovation and where we find our inspiration and cities are where our customers operate.



Our images show various types of movement and human interaction. Always keep the dynamics natural.


Calm composition

We create striking images through the use of uncluttered compositions.


Natural grading

The grading style is natural with bright tones, creating a sense of warmth and openness.



Our images are unstaged to achieve a dynamic documentary style, creating an impression of interesting reportages from all over the world.


From large scale to small scale

Our images range from large to small scale. Large scale images ‘zoom out’ to show the bigger picture. Small scale ‘zoom in’ to show details and texture, giving a sense of the diversity of situations where we have an impact.


Bright colors

Bright colors and accents ensure that our images are visually engaging.


Photo guide

Here you can read and download a full pdf with guidelines for photographers.


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